Get Involved

We need and welcome organizations and individuals from all walks of life to help and contribute to our work. Here are the top ways you can get involved:

  1. Reach out to develop an organizational partnership with us – We are keen on being part of organizational partners reaching their goals.
  2. Donate to our cause – Visit our “Donate” page and consider how your funds may best be used to propel opportunities and community well-being for refugees in northern Uganda.
  3. Intern or volunteer – We rely on skillful interns and volunteers to help us reach our goals, and it can be an excellent opportunity for those individuals to increase their awareness and understanding of refugee issues and humanitarian aid. Please reach out to if you are interested in interning or volunteering with us.
  4. Donate beneficial services or goods – If you are an organization or individual who believes the goods or services you provide may be useful to our refugee community members and our active work areas through an in-kind donation, please reach out to to connect with us.
  5. Suggest potential partners or funding opportunities – If an organization or opportunity has caught your eye, and we seem like a good match for it, please let us know! We are always looking for opportunities to expand our organization’s sustainability and strength!

Have a way you’d like to Get Involved? Want to send us a specific inquiry about our organization?

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