Our Work

We are committed to bringing our backgrounds as refugees together with our education and experience as professionals in ways that give greater voice, awareness, empowerment, and peace to refugees and host communities in northern Uganda. We particularly do this in ways that incorporate increased access and improved use of information and communication technology (ICT).

Our work includes 5 crucial elements:

Technology Access

Through improved access to technology and ICT – for example, through our goal of creating a Refugee Information Center (RIC) with technology and internet access in each camp (currently piloted in Rhino Camp Eden) – we work to help refugees access the information they need to improve their lives (vocational and educational opportunities and family ties) and help aid providers to better coordinate in order to communicate messages to refugees.

Sensitization and Awareness

Through joint collaboration with UNHCR and communication with many other humanitarian aid partners, we work to make humanitarian aid information more accessible, coherent, and responsive to the needs of refugees. We assess the ways in which refugees gain information and then seek to provide critical humanitarian messages (for example, regarding safety, protection, and health) in these streamlined ways.

Education, Vocational Training, and Psychosocial Support

CTEN is committed to providing improved opportunities to refugees through increased access to education and vocational training – for example, facilitating classroom courses in basic technology skills and English, and providing access to online opportunities for career skill development. Our team also provides limited psychosocial support (group and one-on-one) to refugees who have experienced trauma.

Safety and Protection

Responsive to the needs of its community, CTEN spreads messages for humanitarian partners regarding awareness and practices that can increase safety for refugees. It occasionally coordinates community responses itself, such as the collaborative creation of a community street crossing, designed to reduce refugee accidents.

Peacebuilding and Community Building

CTEN takes action to build community cohesion, for example, between refugees and host community members, refugees and humanitarian aid workers, and between refugees from different groups. CTEN has coordinated community athletic events to bring different segments of the community together and a multi-day workshop, training refugee leaders in conflict sensitivity and conflict skills.